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About Us

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Restaurant Osta

The gastronomic offer of Osta restaurant is famous for its fish dishes and local products.
Preserving and emphasizing the main flavors of the product, they are prepared according to modern methods and in secular flavors. Guests are offered our own smoked fish, emphasizing a special taste and traditions of Latvia, main dishes and fish cooked on
Josper charcoal grill, guaranteeing a natural and unforgettable aroma.

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Our Mission

Osta Restaurant is a family business and together with a team of professionals, we meet every guest with special love and care. We are in love with gastronomy, it is our passion, hobby, business and endless love. We travel a lot and are open for new discoveries, we learn in order to grow together and offer all our knowledge and skills to our friends and guests. Loving what you do makes you a better person. That's how we feel this world and want to share this feeling with all of you.

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The Story of our Gin

In our restaurant you will find our own infused gins, as well as a special and carefully refined selection of gins, including gins of different styles that we have acquired from different parts of the world.

We offer, in our opinion, the most successful combinations with herbs and tonic to enjoy. Besides, you always have an opportunity to express yourself and create your own perfect “Gin and Tonic”.

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We have visited it during Riga Restaurant Week. The food is good, quite simple. The chef is a fisherman himself, the perches were also caught by him. I liked the food and it tasted good.

Alexa, SE

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